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: Rebound: Regain Strength, Move Effortlessly, Live without LimitsAt Any Age
: Peter Park and Jesse Lopez Low
: Da Capo Lifelong Books
: 2018
: 178
: / English

From one of the best trainers in the world and coauthor of Foundation: a total body workout program that focuses on functional fitness for relearning correct movement patterns and retraining your core so you can enjoy a pain-free, vibrantly active lifestyle. Peter Park is a go-to trainer who has worked with pro athletes (Justin Verlander, Giancarlo Stanton) and celebrities (Matthew McConaughey, Maria Shriver, Rob Lowe). Park himself is a three-time World's Toughest Triathlon Winner. As one of his clients says, "Having Peter as your trainer is kind of like having Bill Gates as your computer science teacher." Now Park and his team bring their expertise to anyone who spends long hours at work, has lost strength, mobility, and freedom of movement, and who wants to get it all back. Park's proven program will help readers reclaim fitness by learning functional movements designed to retrain poor patterns. With a series of workouts that build upon one another, readers will learn to get the whole body working together, restoring the core and regaining pain-free movement to truly live a life without limits.


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