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: Wrestling Drill Book
: D. Johnson
: Leisure Press
: 1991
: pdf
: 250
: Mirknig.su
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Wrestling is a diverse sport with many skills, techniques, holds, and strategies. As young wrestlers, we practice our moves hundreds of times hoping to improve our technique so we can succeed in competition. Even the most experienced wrestlers use drills to perfect their wrestling techniques as they strive for excellence.
In the Wrestling Drill Book, Dennis Johnson has compiled drills for every level of wrestling. He has divided the book into various skill areas and includes drills for beginners through elite wrestlers. To help encourage student participation and enthusiasm, Mr. Johnson has included a chapter on games and contests.
Whether you are a coach or a wrestler, this book will help you develop wrestling skills and techniques through the use of drills. As a college coach, elite wrestler, and camp instructor, I am frequently asked about drills to help people become better wrestlers or coaches. This book has given me a new source of drills and games to share with those in the wrestling public who want to be the best they can be.


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