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Asanas. 608 Yoga Poses
: Asanas. 608 Yoga Poses
: Dharma Mittra
: New World Library
: 2003
: 672
: 64 MB

For the first time in book form, gathering the photographs from a classic yoga poster, Asanas celebrates the extraordinary human achievement by Dharma Mittra. Asanas collects 608 of Dharma Mittra's black-and-white photographs, each accompanied by the Sanskrit name and English translation of the pose. This chunky, backpack- or briefcase-ready format offers a new intro to yoga written by Dharma Mittra and a glossary of yoga terms. Because it builds on basic postures, Asanas will appeal to practitioners of any of the 100 yoga styles.
Pictures say more than words. These 608 pictures truly does. For the Intermediate to the Advanced student, you don't really need a descriptive guide - the pictures tell you all. This is going to be an inspiration to me all the time. For the great price Amazon.com offers, think no further. Just buy it and your Yoga practise is bound to get more inspired.
The size of the book (small) is a plus as you can carry it along even on your vacation. The quality of the pictures is not going to impress the aesthetically prone, but the point is the variety of asanas come out quite well with few words!
Dharma Mittra put Yoga to work in the form of Karma (Yoga), when he spent time and effort in photographing himself and distributing it to the public (I have read he did this free). Pure, selfless action results in such works that will stand the test of time!


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