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Yoga Application for Low Back Pain: Yoga Application for Low Back Pain
: Dayanand Dongaonkar
: Jaypee Brothers Medical Pub
: 2013
: 11,7
: / English

This little book constitutes a crystallisation of the authors experience of introducing the techniques and philosophy of yoga into the precincts of western hospital medicine, successfully. The intention is that a wider audience should have the benefit of a written guide where circumstances deny the presence of the teacher himself. The perception of disability through low back pain continues to increase geometrically in all western nations. Frustration with the failure of conventional forms of pain management (frequently major surgery) has led to vast experimentation with non-invasive techniques of pain control, many of which would have been regarded as outrageous and definitely unorthodox, until very recently.

Desperation, however, can force a reconsideration of principles on even the most conservative of orthodox medical practitioner, and the low back pain epidemic currently afflicting our national finances and productivity is causing just such desperation. If an unconventional therapy is clearly achieving some success, then arguments against its use can only be the result of mean spirit and a lack of good sense.

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