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The Handbook of Judo
: The Handbook of Judo
: Gene LeBell, Lauri C. Coughran
: Cornerstone Library
: 1966
: 186
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This book is as valuable for the finalist as for the beginner. It is a summary of the favorite holds and throws of a national champion, organized by topic into a practical judo text. Written by a national AAU judo champion, Gene LeBell, and by the chairman of judo for the Southern Pacific Association of the AAU, L. C. Coughran, it presents in easy-to-follow text, illustrated with more than 380 photographs, those techniques which these winners have found to work best in actual competition. It includes the many variations and special holds which Gene LeBell has learned along the tournament trail. Step by step, the authors unravel the intricacies of judo. They explain and illustrate falls, throwing techniques, escapes from hold downs, how to force the opponent on his back, chokes, strangling holds, armlocks, and locking the legs,. They also discuss the development of a personal style, highlight the four ways to win and make suggestions regarding judo schools.
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