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Street Workout: Street Workout
: Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo
: Dragon Door Publications
: 2016
: 44,3
: / English

Your Ultimate Guide to Full Body Fitness Without Weights: The Secrets of "Street Workout" Revealed... How to Release Yourself from the Gym, Restore Your Primal Power and Reclaim Your Inner Beast... According to the Kavadlos, working out should be fun, adventurous, primal and pure. And no training style embodies those elements quite like Street Workout. The outside world becomes your total gym-you roam free to get stronger using simply your own body and the environment at hand...

The great masters of Street Workout perform stunning physical feats that can intimidate lesser mortals. But the beauty of the Kavadlos' approach in Street Workout is to make even the toughest moves achievable by any enthusiast willing to follow their guidelines. Street Workout's multi-faceted, progressive approach leaves nothing to chance- allowing even a raw beginner to transcend his mortal frame and ascend to the giddiest heights of physical supremacy... Intermediate and advanced calisthenics practitioners will discover a veritable treasure chest of tips, techniques and insider secrets-guaranteed to force-feed their future achievements in the realm of bodyweight mastery.

Pushing, pulling and squatting your own bodyweight along with forward flexion and back bridging represent the basics of getting brutally strong, solid and unbreakable. By utilizing basic principles of progression such as the manipulation of leverage, adding or removing points of contact and/or increasing the range of motion, you can continue to get stronger without ever having to pick up a weight-and have a helluva good time while you're at it! Street Workout proves it so-with its mix of inspirational photography, exact detail on what to do when-and its step-by-step blueprints for off-the-charts, eye-popping physical excellence.

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