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: CCNP practical studies: troubleshooting
: Donna L. Harrington
: Cisco; Pearson Education
: 2003
: pdf
: 1173
: 19,3
: English

Designed for aspiring CCNP and CCIE(r) professionals, this indispensable lab guide builds on Cisco(r) Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) topics that prepare you for the CCNP Troubleshooting exam. Full of practical exercises that get you ready for challenges on the job, CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting gives you an edge over the competition through realworld application of LAN and WAN topics.

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: Fog Radio Access Networks (F-RAN): Architectures, Technologies, and Applications (Wireless Networks)
: Mugen Peng, Zhongyuan Zhao, Yaohua Sun
: Springer
: 2020
: true pdf/epub
: 236
: 49.4 Mb
: English

This book provides a comprehensive introduction of Fog Radio Access Networks (F-RANs), from both academic and industry perspectives. The authors first introduce the network architecture and the frameworks of network management and resource allocation for F-RANs. They then discuss the recent academic research achievements of F-RANs, such as the analytical results of theoretical performance limits and optimization theory-based resource allocation techniques. Meanwhile, they discuss the application and implementations of F-RANs, including the latest standardization procedure, and the prototype and test bed design. The book is concluded by summarizing the existing open issues and future trends of F-RANs.
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: Rational Cybersecurity for Business: The Security Leaders` Guide to Business Alignment
: Blum, Dan
: Apress
: 2020
: true pdf/epub
: 349
: 20.4 Mb
: English

Use the guidance in this comprehensive field guide to gain the support of your top executives for aligning a rational cybersecurity plan with your business. You will learn how to improve working relationships with stakeholders in complex digital businesses, IT, and development environments. You will know how to prioritize your security program, and motivate and retain your team.
Misalignment between security and your business can start at the top at the C-suite or happen at the line of business, IT, development, or user level. It has a corrosive effect on any security project it touches. But it does not have to be like this.
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: CCNP Collaboration Core CLCOR 350-801 Official Cert Guide, 1st Edition
: Ball Jason
: Cisco Press
: 2021
: epub
: 1741
: 27.3 Mb
: English

If you are a student or a professional looking for more tech knowledge and skills, or if you are simply curious about the fascinating world of computer networking and its powerful applications in our everyday life, then this is the book for you!
In Computer Networking for Beginners Jason Callaway has condensed all the knowledge you need to pass your next exam or take a professional certification in a simple and clear way: starting from the basics, you will learn both the theoretical and the practical elements of networking, becoming proficient with network technology, regardless of your previous experience.
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: CASP+ Practice Tests
: Nadean H. Tanner
: Sybex
: 2020
: True PDF
: 382
: 11.7 Mb
: English

Power through your CASP+ Exam CAS-003 preparation with these invaluable practice questions
For those studying for the CASP+ Exam CAS-003, Nadean H. Tanners CASP+ Practice Tests Exam CAS-003 will help you make the most of your prep time. The included two practice exams, domain-by-domain questions, and the accompanying Sybex interactive learning environment and online test bank will help you focus your efforts, gauge your progress, and improve your understanding of the necessary objectives.
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: Blockchain for Cybersecurity and Privacy: Architectures, Challenges, and Applications (Internal Audit and IT Audit)
: Yassine Maleh (Editor), Mohammad Shojafar (Editor), Mamoun Alazab (Editor), Imed Romdhani (Editor)
: CRC Press
: 2020
: True PDF
: 406
: 15.2 Mb
: English

Blockchain technology is defined as a decentralized system of distributed registers that are used to record data transactions on multiple computers. The reason this technology has gained popularity is that you can put any digital asset or transaction in the blocking chain, the industry does not matter. Blockchain technology has infiltrated all areas of our lives, from manufacturing to healthcare and beyond. Cybersecurity is an industry that has been significantly affected by this technology and may be more so in the future.
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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks: Real-world Detection and Mitigation: Distributed Denial of Service Attacks: Real-world Detection and Mitigation
: Richard R. Brooks, Ilker Ozcelik
: CRC Press
: 2020
: 423
: pdf (true), epub
: 36.2 MB

This book is the result of many years of research on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks have become more destructive, wide-spread and harder to control over time. This book allows students to understand how these attacks are constructed, the security flaws they leverage, why they are effective, how they can be detected, and how they can be mitigated. Students use software defined networking (SDN) technology to created and execute controlled DDoS experiments. They learn how to deploy networks, analyze network performance, and create resilient systems.
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: M
: 2017
: 224
: 41

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: Handbook of Research on Intelligent Data Processing and Information Security Systems (Advances in Information Security, Privacy, and Ethics)
: Stepan Mykolayovych Bilan (Editor), Saleem Issa Al-Zoubi (Editor)
: IGI Global
: 2020
: epub
: 434
: 72.4 Mb
: English

This book examines theoretical developments and practical applications in the field of information protection and intellectual data processing
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: Advances in Optical Networks and Components Volume II
: Partha Pratim Sahu
: CRC Press
: 2021
: true pdf/epub
: 466
: 19.3 Mb
: English

This book is intended as a graduate/post graduate level textbook for courses on high-speed optical networks as well as computer networks. The ten chapters cover basic principles of the technology as well as latest developments and further discuss network security, survivability, and reliability of optical networks and priority schemes used in wavelength routing. This book also goes on to examine Fiber To The Home (FTTH) standards and their deployment and research issues and includes examples in all the chapters to aid the understanding of problems and solutions.
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