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: Content Delivery Networks: Fundamentals, Design, and Evolution
: Dom Robinson
: Wiley
: 2017
: 256
: 10 Mb
: English

The definitive guide to developing robust content delivery networks

This book examines the real-world engineering challenges of developing robust content delivery networks (CDNs) and provides the tools required to overcome those challenges and to ensure high-quality content delivery that fully satisfies operators and consumers' commercial objectives. It is informed by the authors two decades of experience building and delivering large, mission-critical live video, webcasts, and radio streaming, online and over private IP networks.

Following an overview of the field, the book cuts to the chase with in-depth discussionslaced with good-natured humorof a wide range of design considerations for different network topologies. It begins with a description of the author's own requirement filtration processes. From there it moves on to initial sketches, through considerations of stakeholder roles and responsibilities, to the complex challenges of managing change in established teams. Agile versus waterfall considerations within large blue chip companies, security, commercial models, and value chain alignment are explored in detail. Featured throughout the book are numerous "what if" scenarios that help provide a clear picture of the wide spectrum of practical contexts for which readers may be tasked with building and implementing a CDN. In addition, the book:

Discusses delivery of live, catch-up, scheduled on-demand, TVOD and SVOD
Offers insights into the decisions that can to be made when architecting a content distribution system over IP-based networks
Covers CDN topologies, including Edge-Caching, Streaming-Splitting, Pure-Play, Operator, Satellite, and Hybrid
Examines computer hosting and orchestration for dedicated appliances and virtualization
Includes real-world cases covering everything from IETF, regulatory considerations, and policy formation, to coding, hardware vendors, and network operators
Considers the future of CDN technologies and the market forces driving its evolution
Written by a back-room engineer for back-room engineers, Content Delivery Networks gets readers up to speed on the real-world challenges they can face as well as tried-and-true strategies for addressing those challenges in order to ensure the delivery of the high-quality content delivery networks that clients demand and users expect.


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