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60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack: I60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack
:Sébastien Goasguen
: O'Reilly Media
: 2014
: 10,6

Planning to deploy and maintain a public, private, or hybrid cloud service? This cookbooks handy how-to recipes help you quickly learn and install Apache CloudStack, along with several API clients, API wrappers, data architectures, and configuration management technologies that work as part of CloudStacks ecosystem.

Youll learn how to use Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Fluentd, Libcloud, and several other open source tools that let you build and operate CloudStack better and faster. If youre an experienced programmer, system administrator, or DevOps practitioner familiar with bash, Git, package management, and some Python, youre ready to go.

Learn basic CloudStack installation from source, including features such as DevCloud, the CloudStack sandbox
Get a step-by-step guide for installing CloudStack from packages on Ubuntu 14.04 using KVM
Write your own applications on top of the CloudStack API, using CloudMonkey, Libcloud, jclouds, and CloStack
Expose different APIs on CloudStack with the EC2Stack, Boto, and Eutester API wrappers
Deploy applications easily, using Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Chef, and Vagrant
Dive into cloud monitoring and storage with RiakCS, Fluentd, and Apache Whirr

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