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: Software Defined-WAN for the Digital Age: A Bold Transition to Next Generation Networking
: David W. Wang
: CRC Press
ISBN: 1138345997
: 2018
: 146
: pdf (true), djvu
: 10.17 MB

SD-WAN is an advanced networking approach that creates hybrid networks to integrate broadband or other network services into the corporate WAN, not only just handling general business workloads and traffic, but also being capable of maintaining the performance and security of real-time and sensitive applications. This book posits that Software Defined (SD) WAN is the answer to questions such as what changes can be made to the networking sector? What innovations can make WAN, which plays a vital integrated part of the cloud ecosystem, more cost effective, performance robust, provisioning efficient, and operation intelligent?

Nowadays major business applications from Cloud, mobile, big data, and Internet of Things traffic put increased strain on the legacy WAN infrastructure and call for a new WAN. Apparently, it would be great to have a next-gen type of WAN solution that absorbs the pros from both MPLS and public Internet while minimizing their cons.

This is exactly why SD-WAN has come into play. Conceptually, one can simply deem SD-WAN as an optimized combination of MPLS and public Internet in characteristics and features. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are the core technologies of SD-WAN, which enable SD-WAN to become more intelligent and cost saving than ever before in its operation and performance.

Software Defined-WAN for the Digital Age : A Bold Transition to Next Generation Networking


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