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Industrial Internet of Things: Industrial Internet of Things
: Sabina Jeschke and Christian Brecher
: Springer
: 2016
: 21
: / English

This book develops the core system science needed to enable the development of a complex industrial internet of things/manufacturing cyber-physical systems (IIoT/M-CPS). Gathering contributions from leading experts in the field with years of experience in advancing manufacturing, it fosters a research community committed to advancing research and education in IIoT/M-CPS and to translating applicable science and technology into engineering practice.

Presenting the current state of IIoT and the concept of cybermanufacturing, this book is at the nexus of research advances from the engineering and computer and information science domains. Readers will acquire the core system science needed to transform to cybermanufacturing that spans the full spectrum from ideation to physical realization.

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