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Black & Decker The Complete Guide: Maintain Your Pool & Spa: Black & Decker The Complete Guide: Maintain Your Pool & Spa
: Editors
: Creative Publishing
: 2007
: 93,4
: / English

Black & Decker The Complete Guide Maintain Your Pool & Spa will both inspire and educate readers on the practical points of owning and maintaining a home swimming pool, hot tub, or recreational whirlpool.

For those considering a recreational water feature, an exciting gallery chapter and a planning/design chapter will show the latest trends and products, and unique new ways to integrate a pool or spa into the landscape. The book also includes an overview of each type of structure, including above-ground and in-ground swimming pools, stand-alone whirlpools, integrated pool/spa installations, and pool houses and accessories.

For readers who already own a pool or spa, lengthy, detailed chapters on basic maintenance, water quality, seasonal upkeep, and routine repairs provide everything needed to keep water features in good operating condition. Even the mechanical systems - pumps, heaters, drains and skimmers - are covered in depth. With this book, no pool or spa owner will need to spend money on a professional pool-care service, and may never need to call a repairman.

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