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HomeSkills: Landscaping: HomeSkills: Landscaping
: Editors
: Cool Springs Press
: 2013
: 85,4
: / English

Take a quick glance outside your window. What do you see? If its a sprawling panorama of flawless landscaping design, if it looks uncannily like a postcard, then youre all set! But if, like most of us, your yard is just a bit lacking, then this is your how-to guide to finally achieving the outdoor space youve always wanted. HomeSkills: Landscaping offers a complete look at every aspect of landscaping, from early design to project execution. First, youll gain an overview of the many options at your disposal, exclusively featuring popular DIY products that are readily available and affordable.

Youll learn which design effect will best fit your particular home landscape, be it a flagstone patio, a vinyl fence or a healthy row of perfectly situated arbor vitae. And no matter which direction you take, this hardworking book will seamlessly bring you there by covering all the essential landscaping skills, from proper excavation and boulder transportation to planting shrubs and sand-setting interlocking pavers. Patios, walkways, overhead arbors, windbreaks, fences and gates . . . youll learn the best techniques for creating all of the beautiful planted and built elements that define any successful home landscape. Best of all, your new space will be cherished by family and friends alikeand the neighbors will quickly forget their jealousy when theyre enjoying it alongside you.

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