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HomeSkills: Carpentry: HomeSkills: Carpentry
: Editors
: Cool Springs Press
: 2013
: 33,5
: / English

At the core of every true handyperson is the ability to work with wood. In the home, the garage, or the backyard, the skill of carpentry will prove useful time and time againit is the ultimate foundational craft of the do-it-yourselfer. With HomeSkills: Carpentry, we invite you to embark on building your DIY skillset by teaching you the basics of woodworking. Youll learn how to assemble your starter toolbox and small workshop, and well show you the ropes on using those fundamental tools that will remain staples in your construction arsenal well into the future.

Finally, well give you step-by-step instructions for accomplishing some of the most common home carpentry projects: building your own workbench or setup table, hanging a door, building an interior stud wall, working with plywood and sheet goods, and a score of other practical tasks. Accompanied by 350 detailed photographs, purposely set at a bargain price, and backed by the renowned reputation of Cool Springs Press, this one-stop how-to book will have you well on your way to becoming a bona fide home carpenter. And, dare we say it, you just might have a good time getting there.

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