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HomeSkills: Wiring: HomeSkills: Wiring
: Editors
: Cool Springs Press
: 2013
: 34,1
: / English

Few trades are more dangerous to the novice than working with electricity. In wiring, understanding the finer details is crucial to your personal safetyit is a craft that demands only the most reliable information, and HomeSkills: Wiring provides just that. Its skills-based approach to electrical work does more than simply tell you to connect the black wire to the brass terminal; it familiarizes you with each step along the way so you understand the larger purpose for every task.

The book sensibly distills the fundamental components of successful wiring: an overview of home electrical service and how it works; discussion of tools, tool usage, and materials handling; and step-by-step instructions for stripping insulated wire, making connections with a wire connector, running cable through walls, wiring ceiling lights, hooking up receptacles and switches, grounding electrical loads safely, navigating your electrical service panel, and other common wiring jobs. Add to these dependable lessons the books 300 beautiful how-to photos, with content updated to meet current electrical codes, and youll soon be conquering your homes electrical projects safely and efficientlywithout paying a premium for it.


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