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: Flight Theory and Aerodynamics: A Practical Guide for Operational Safety, 3rd Edition
: Charles E. Dole, James E. Lewis, Joseph R. Badick
: Wiley-Interscience
: 2016
: True PDF
: 380
: 10.7 Mb
: English

The pilot's guide to aeronautics and the complex forces of flight
Flight Theory and Aerodynamics is the essential pilot's guide to the physics of flight, designed specifically for those with limited engineering experience. From the basics of forces and vectors to craft-specific applications, this book explains the mechanics behind the pilot's everyday operational tasks. The discussion focuses on the concepts themselves, using only enough algebra and trigonometry to illustrate key concepts without getting bogged down in complex calculations, and then delves into the specific applications for jets, propeller crafts, and helicopters. This updated third edition includes new chapters on Flight Environment, Aircraft Structures, and UAS-UAV Flight Theory, with updated craft examples, component photos, and diagrams throughout. FAA-aligned questions and regulatory references help reinforce important concepts, and additional worked problems provide clarification on complex topics.

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