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: Design for Advanced Manufacturing: Technologies and Processes (Mechanical Engineering)
: LaRoux Gillespie
: McGraw-Hill Education
: 2017
: pdf/azw3 (conv.)
: 624
: 78.6 Mb
: English

Cutting-edge coverage of the new processes, materials, and technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry
Expertly edited by a past president of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, this state-of-the-art resource picks up where the bestselling Design for Manufacturability Handbook left off. Within its pages, readers will find detailed, clearly written coverage of the technologies, and processes that have been developed and adopted in the manufacturing industry over the past sixteen years. More than this, the book also includes hard-to-find technical guidance and application information that can be used on the job to actually apply these cutting-edge processes and technologies in a real-world setting. Essential for manufacturing engineers and designers, Design for Advanced Manufacturing is enhanced by a host of international contributors, making the book a true global resource.


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