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: First Course on Power Electronics and Drives
: Ned Mohan
: 2003
ISBN: 0971529221; 9780971529229
: pdf
: 248
: 52,7 mb
: English

Power electronics and drives are enabling technologies but most undergraduates, at best, will take only one course in these subjects. Recognizing this reality, this book is intended to teach students both the fundamentals in the context of exciting new applications and the practical design to meet the following objectives simultaneously:

Provide solid background in fundamentals to prepare students for advanced courses
Teach design fundamentals so that students can be productive in industry from the very beginning

In this book, the topics listed below are carefully sequenced to maintain student interest throughout the course and to maintain continuity as much as possible.

1. Applications and Structure of Switch-Mode Power Electronics Systems
2. Practical Details of Implementing a Switching Power-Pole (Jhe building block)
3. DC-DC Converters: Switching Details and their Average Dynamic Models
4. Designing the Feedback Controller in DC-DC Converters
5. Diode Rectifiers and their Design
6. Power-Factor-Correction Circuits (PFCs) including the Controller Design
7. Review of Magnetic Concepts
8. Transformer-Isolated Switch-Mode DC Power Supplies
9. Design of High-Frequency Inductors and Transformers
10. Soft-Switching in DC-DC Converters, and its applications in High-Frequency AC Synthesis in Induction Heating and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
11. Electric Motor Drives
12. Synthesis of DC and Low-Frequency Sinusoidal AC in Motor Drives and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
13. Control of Electric Drives and UPS
14. Thyristor Converters
15. Utility Applications of Power Electronics


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