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Introduction to Antenna Placement and Installation

: Introduction to Antenna Placement and Installation
: Thereza Macnamara
: 2010
: 424 .
: John Wiley & Sons
: 8,98 M
ISBN: 978-0-470-01981-8
: Aerospace series

Introduction to Antenna Placement and Installation introduces the characteristics of antennas and their integration on aircraft. The book covers antenna siting and placement, computational antenna modelling on structures, measurement on sub-scale models of the airframe, full-scale ground measurements and in-flight measurements.
The author addresses the different stages in the process of developing an entire antenna layout, as well as covering individual retrofits on existing platforms. She explains the physics of antenna placement qualitatively, thus obviating the requirement to understand complex mathematical equations.
Provides a reference book & guide written primarily for Antenna and Integration Engineers but which will also be of interest to Systems Engineers and Project Managers Includes chapters on aircraft systems using antennas, restrictions & trade-offs, frequency & spatial coverage considerations, effect of other antennas & obstacles, RF interoperability issues associated with radiated emissions, computer modelling software, scaled model & full-scale measurements, comparison between measurements & modelling, as well as ground tests and in-flight measurements
Describes techniques that can be applied equally to antennas on other structures such as land or sea vehicles and spacecraft Illustrated throughout with figures & diagrams as well as a full colour plates

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