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: Solar Electricity Basics - Revised and Updated Second Edition: Powering Your Home or Office with Solar Energy
: Dan Chiras
: New Society Publishers
: 2019
: epub, true pdf
: 224
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: English

The indispensable guide to solar electricity systems for homeowners, business owners, builders, and students
Climate change and limits to fossil fuels compel us to find safer, more economical, and more sustainable ways to meet our needs for electricity. And, as more and more electric cars hit the road, we'll need to find a way to provide fuel that is clean, environmentally sustainable, and affordable.
With Solar Electricity Basics , author Dan Chiras offers a concise and up-to-date guide covering all the essentials. It explores:
How to size, cost, and choose the right system, including off-grid vs. grid-tied vs grid-tied with battery backup
Where to mount a system for maximum performance
What type of modules and inverters to buy
How to install and maintain batteries
Cost vs benefit for solar electric systems
How to connect to the grid, and what type of net metering your area offers.
Solar Electricity Basics is an indispensable guide for homeowners, business owners, builders, and students for figuring out solar electricity quickly and easily.


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