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Handbook of Industrial Membranes
: Keith Scott
: Handbook of Industrial Membranes
: Elsevier Science
: 1996
ISBN: 978-1856172332
: English
: pdf
: 49,7 mb
: 912

Membranes are among the most important engineering components in use today, and each year more and more effective uses for membrane technologies are found - for example: water purification, industrial effluent treatment, solvent dehydration by per-vaporation, recovery of volatile organic compounds, protein recovery, bioseparations and many others.

The pace of change in the membrane industry has been accelerating rapidly in recent years, occasioned in part by the demand of end-users, but also as a result of the investment in R&D by manufacturers. To reflect these changes the author has obtained the latest information from some of the leading suppliers in the business. In one complete volume this unique handbook gives practical guidance to using selected membrane processes in individual industries while also providing a useful guide to equipment selection and usage.

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