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Advanced engineering mathematics with MATLAB, 2nd Edition
: Dean G Duffy
: Advanced engineering mathematics with MATLAB, 2nd Edition
: Chapman & Hall/CRC
: 2003
ISBN: 978-1584883494
: English
: pdf
: 21,6 mb
: 818, ill.

The author employs MATLAB to reinforce concepts and solve problems that require heavy computation. MATLAB scripts are available for download at www.crcpress.com. Along with new examples, problems, and projects, this updated and expanded edition incorporates several significant improvements.

Suitable for a differential equations course or a variety of engineering mathematics courses, the text covers fundamental techniques and concepts as well as Laplace transforms, separation of variable solutions to partial differential equations, the z-transform, the Hilbert transform, vector calculus, and linear algebra. It also highlights many modern applications in engineering to show how these topics are used in practice. A solutions manual is available for qualifying instructors.

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