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Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB
: Alexander D. Poularikas and Zayed M. Ramadan
: Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB
: CRC Press
: 2006
ISBN: 978-0849370434
: Electrical Engineering Primer Series
: English
: pdf
: 19,7 mb
: 240

Because of the wide use of adaptive filtering in digital signal processing and, because most of the modern electronic devices include some type of an adaptive filter, a text that brings forth the fundamentals of this field was necessary. The material and the principles presented in this book are easily accessible to engineers, scientists, and students who would like to learn the fundamentals of this field and have a background at the bachelor level.

The authors introduce discrete-time signal processing, random variables and stochastic processes, the Wiener filter, properties of the error surface, the steepest descent method, and the least mean square (LMS) algorithm. They also supply many MATLAB functions and m-files along with computer experiments to illustrate how to apply the concepts to real-world problems. The book includes problems along with hints, suggestions, and solutions for solving them. An appendix on matrix computations completes the self-contained coverage.

With applications across a wide range of areas, including radar, communications, control, medical instrumentation, and seismology, Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB is an ideal companion for quick reference and a perfect, concise introduction to the field.


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