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All Aboard! The Railroad Trains That Built America
: Mary Elting
: All Aboard! The Railroad Trains That Built America
: Four Winds Press
: 1969
: 134
: English
: 14.5 MB

In words and pictures, All Aboard! traces the history of America's trains all the way from the very first experimental engine to today's enormous diesels and the jet-powered trains of the future. There are chapters about the earliest trains and the problems that had to be solved to make them safe to ride . . . about the terrible dangers faced by the railroad builders as they blasted their way through mountains and built bridges across great rivers . . . about the famous transcontinental track-laying race between crews of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific, who drove themselves night and day until they finally met and hammered in the historic Golden Spike at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869.

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