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Practical and Experimental Robotics
: Practical and Experimental Robotics
: Sahin F., Kachroo P.
: CRC Press
: 2008
: 465
: 18

In recent years, the robotics market has grown dramatically with the new family of robots which are simple and easy to use. These robots can be used/ explored by a large variety of people ranging from hobbyists to college students. In addition, they can also be used to introduce robotics to K-12 students and increase their attention and interest in engineering and science.
The book has chapters on basic fundamentals of electrical and mechanical systems as well as some advanced topics such as forward and inverse kinematics of an arm robot, dynamics of a mobile robot, and vision control for robots. Each chapter starts with basic understanding of the topic covered. Later in the chapters, the advanced topics are explored so that hobbyists and K-12 students can still assimilate the topic covered in the chapter.
The book also presents a variety of robots from arm robots to robotic submarines most of which are available as kits in the market. In the chapters, we first describe basic mechanical construction and electrical control of the robot. Then, we give at least one example on how to use and operate the robot using microcontrollers or software. We present two arm robots, a twowheel robot, a four wheel robot, a legged robot, flying robots, submarines, and robotic boats. In addition, we present topics which are commonly utilized in robotics.

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