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On the Hawser: A Tugboat Album
: Steven Lang
: On the Hawser: A Tugboat Album
: Down East Books
: 1980
: 532
: English
: 68 MB

Tugboats, the workhorses of the maritime world, are seldom written about, much less pictured. Here, for the first time, are photos and stories of many of the oldest and most famous of the American tugs as well as a representative selection of foreign tugs, especially the larger sea-going vessels that roam the world. 'On the Hawser', which incidentally is the tugboater's phrase that denotes a tug with a tow, is not merely a book of pretty pictures, but is also a reference volume that should have a place on every mariner's bookshelf. Includes an extensive bibliography, a complete vessel index that reaches way back into the earliest steam tugs and more than 500 photos of tugboats at rest, at work, and their crews.

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