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WordPress Genius Guide Volume 2 Revised Edition
: WordPress Genius Guide Volume 2 Revised Edition
: Aaron Asadi (Publishing Director)
: Imagine Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781785461491
: 2015
: 21.22 MB
- : 179

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WordPress is one of the most advanced content management systems on the planet. Not only does it of er simple ways to maintain your website, but endless customisation options mean you can add plugins and widgets to fantastic pre-built themes. Whats more, with WordPress you dont have to stick to what they give you, its possible to buld your very own theme framework and this book will walk you through how. Inside you will i nd in-depth guides to essential settings, recommended themes and plugins, and loads of tutorials for personalising your blog or site. WordPress is a treasure trove of goodies and its amazing what you can achieve with the assistance of CSS, HTML and Photoshop. This newly revised edition will help you build on your existing knowledge, so you can become a true WordPress genius.

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