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: HTML5 Programming with javascript For Dummies
: John Paul Mueller
: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
: 2013
: 411
: 43,44
: English

Web designers and programmers, add javascript to your HTML5 development toolkit without fear

Modern websites are complex, and some of the most exciting features - things like geolocation, canvas, portability to mobile and more - require javascript to leverage what HTML5 can create. Don't know javascript? That's where HTML5 Programming with javascript For Dummies comes in. Rather than walking you through javascript as a programming language, it approaches javascript as a tool to help you enhance web pages.

Helps web designers and programmers tap the full power of HTML5 by leveraging javascript, even if they have no prior knowledge of javascript
Enables readers to produce modern websites with today's technology essentials: portability to mobile devices, animation, the use of Libraries, the Canvas component, and more
Emphasizes practical uses and offers many short examples for illustration

Discover basic to complex ways to use javascript programming syntax to harness the full power of HTML5 and CSS3.


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