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: Adobe ColdFusion Anthology: Clear and Concise Concepts from the Fusion Authority
: Michael Dinowitz, Judith Dinowitz
: Apress
: 2010
: 528
: 28 Mb
: English

Adobe ColdFusion remains one of todays significant Web services tools and frameworks, and stands to become even more important as a possible primary tool for cloud development as well. As important as ColdFusion is and continues to become, we thought it would be a good idea to tap the leading authority on ColdFusion, the Fusion Authority. We asked this community to compile the most important issues in their developer and user experiences into one single volume?an anthology of the most current technical articles published in the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update.
In it, youll get the following:
The best and brightest ColdFusion expertise available today, from inside and outside of Adobe
The most up-to-date content with the latest releases of ColdFusion
Case studies and instances where ColdFusion is used in cloud-based development
Rather than take a soup-to-nuts approach that covers every single topic, including those that most people have learned already, this book takes specific items of interest and explains them so that you can hit the ground running, rather than having to wait until youve read the entire book.


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