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: SEO Management: Methods and Techniques to Achieve Success
: Veronique Duong
: Wiley-ISTE
: 2019
: 193
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the most significant tool that marketeers have to push online content. As the hub of the computational engineering fields, SEO encompasses technical, editorial and link-building strategies, and is an integral part of our daily lives. As important as it is ubiquitous, SEO is needed for the development of a brand's website and online reputation. When a website is live, one of its priorities is to drive organic traffic towards it, in order to attract visibility. In order to achieve such an aim, many proactive measures must be put in place, advice followed and tips implemented. There should also be an understanding of the holistic connection between a website's HTML sources, content management system and its relationship with external websites too (SEO off-site).

There are many different search engines in the world and depending on the international boundary, one web browser usually dominates the landscape. Google features prominently in SEO Management, but this book also goes into detail regarding Baidu SEO (China), Yandex SEO (Russia) and Naver SEO (South Korea). There is also guidance given on how to manage a SEO project.

In this book, we will explain the technical, semantic and link building strategies to optimize a site, from A to Z. From the tag to the conversion, we will go into detail to help companies that want to be visible online achieve their objectives. In this book, we will share concrete examples in all the chapters on technical SEO and semantic SEO because we want to share recommendations that are directly applicable in the field.

SEO Management: Methods and Techniques to Achieve Success


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