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: The SEO Blueprint: How to Get More Organic Traffic Right NOW
: Ryan Stewart, David Krevitt
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
: 277
: pdf, epub
: 36.2 MB

Written by experienced SEO practitioners.

After 10 years of doing SEO for clients, Ryan Stewart's agency (WEBRIS) was acquired. The agency was an attractive asset because of their ability to deliver the highest quality SEO services across hundreds of websites and getting results every time. The key to maintaining quality while operating at scale is systems and processes. This book details the exact systems, tactics and templates used by Ryan's agency.

The book is built on the "5 Phases" approach to SEO:

Learning - analyzing the right data to formulate a concrete SEO strategy.
Improving - focusing on "low hanging fruit" assets where we can turn around traffic quickly.
Building - creating new content for a website to rank for new keywords.
Promoting - building popularity to a website with links, shares and engagement.
Evaluating - understanding progress and analyzing data to make improvements.

Each chapter breaks down the exact tactics to apply during each phase. Every aspect of SEO is covered, from project management to technical audits.

With The SEO Blueprint, youre not just getting any old, regurgitated, done-a-million-times book on search engine optimization techniques. Heck no. I can personally vouch for this one. Id describe Ryan and his teams approach to search optimization as two-fold: first, hes insanely thorough. I have mad respect for Ryan because he doesnt treat SEO like 99.9% of the other SEOers out there. He goes all in. Hes not wimpy about it. He gets thorough, and hes not afraid of digging deeper than the rest. And thats what it takes, to put it simply. Secondly, Ryans a boss at those critical details that require strategic thinking. Doing it right matters to him. And not only right, smart. Hes strategic. His frameworks and methodology are gold. Use them. Read this book, highlight it, digest it, and use it.

In a world where Google is all about Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust (EAT) in ranking websites and the content published on them, you arent going to chance on a quick hack anymore and win some massive placement and traffic inflation overnight. Winning online in search and with your readers doesnt happen by using B.S. techniques and a superficial approach. Warning: if thats you, it might be time to put this book on the shelf--theres no quick hack for overnight success here. But if you are the reader in search of a long-term, evergreen approach to search engine optimization using strategic thinking and unique implementation methods that actually work, then you need to sit your butt down and read this book all the way through. Thank me later. Heck, your clients can even thank me later, if your implementation plan for these lessons goes beyond your website. Because thats how far Ryans book and techniques will go. It will help you build your business, and that of your clients, too.

The SEO Blueprint: How to Get More Organic Traffic Right NOW


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