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: WordPress Security for Webmaster 2020: How to Stop Hackers Breaking into Your Website
: Dr. Andy Williams
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
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: English

Hacked sites can be used for a variety of purposes, such as redirecting your traffic, stealing customer details, deleting files, changing your login details to lock you out, sending spam emails to millions of people, SEO for the hackers site, and so on.
And dont think that your small, insignificant site is safe from hackers. To a hacker, a site is a site. Theyll use computer software to scan millions of websites for vulnerabilities and then attack the soft targets. There is no softer target than a newly setup Wordpress website thats run from someones bedroom.

There is obviously good reason to be concerned about your website security. However, I don't want you to think that Wordpress is an insecure platform that should be avoided, it isn't. Wordpress is actually very secure and if a security hole is found, it is usually plugged very quickly by the Wordpress security team and pushed out to all Wordpress installs - automatically.

The real security issues come from the people running the websites. They often don't have enough knowledge to make educated decisions about the content they put on their site, the plugins they use, or the themes they install.


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