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Bootstrap for ASP.NET MVC
: Pieter van der Westhuizen
: Bootstrap for ASP.NET MVC
: Packt Publishing
: 2014
ISBN: 978-1783987283
: English
: pdf
: 10,8 mb
: 190

Twitter Bootstrap, simply known as Bootstrap, is the leading open source CSS/HTML and javascript framework on the Internet. Shortly after its launch, it became the most popular project on GitHub. It became so popular that Microsoft announced at their Build 2013 conference that all the web app project templates in Visual Studio 2013 will use Twitter Bootstrap by default.

One of the main reasons why Bootstrap is so prevalent is that it allows developers, many of whom are notoriously bad at user interface design, to build aesthetically pleasant-looking sites with a relatively small amount of effort. Bootstrap also offers a rich ecosystem of free and commercial templates, third-party components, tools, and an active and helpful community.

Using CSS frameworks and Bootstrap in particular with ASP.NET MVC is a natural fit. Bootstrap takes care of the typography, form layouts, and user interface components, and allows the developer to focus on what they are good at, that is, writing code. This aspect is particularly valuable for smaller development companies that do not necessarily have an in-house designer.

Bootstrap for ASP.NET walks you through the process of creating a fully functioning ASP.NET MVC website, using Bootstrap for its layout and user interface.

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