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: N. Gokarneshan, D. Anitha Rachel, V. Rajendran, B. Lavanya, Arundhathi Ghoshal
: Emerging Research Trends in Medical Textiles
: Springer
: 2015
ISBN: 978-9812875075
: Textile Science and Clothing Technology
: English
: pdf
: 13,9 mb
: 323

The book also highlights the use of new types of fibres in developing medical textile products and their promising role in the respective areas of application. Considerable developments have taken place in the development of medical textiles for varied applications.

It would be useful for students, scholars, teachers, and researchers. The book contains a number of illustrations for enabling easier reading. Chapters have been well organized so as to provide readers with a good insight into the significant researches in the field. The different areas of medical fields covered include gynecology, urology, cardiology, neurology.

The role of knits in the areas of medical textile applications has been highlighted in some chapters. The recent researches in the area of medical textiles hold promises in the treatment of ailments related to vital organs of the human body. They also indicate scope for further research in the respective areas of applications. The newly developed implants from PET have been evaluated. The role of nonwovens and viscose fibers has been discussed in separate chapters. A number of chapters cover the developments in wound dressings.

Thus, the book provides interesting reading and would prove useful to researchers in textile and medical areas as well.


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