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: Operative Cranial Neurosurgical Anatomy
: Filippo Gagliardi, Cristian Gragnaniello, Pietro Mortini, Anthony J. Caputy
: Thieme Medical Publishers
: 2019
: 361
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: 33,29 MB
: English

One-of-kind textbook provides comprehensive tutorial on cranial anatomy with step-by-step text and visuals

Dissection in the anatomical laboratory is a mandatory component of training for neurosurgeons. Acquisition of highly technical skills is a long and arduous task, requiring knowledge of complex surgical anatomy and basic steps for single surgical approaches. Unlike dense textbooks, Operative Cranial Neurosurgical Anatomy by Filippo Gagliardi, Cristian Gragnaniello, Pietro Mortini, and Anthony Caputy provides readers with a user-friendly tutorial on cranial approaches, clearly delineated through concise written instructions and serial images.

Essential procedural aspects are discussed in 53 chapters, starting with sections on pre-surgical training and planning, patient positioning, and basic techniques. Subsequent sections detail cranial approaches; transpetrosal approaches; endonasal, transoral, and transmaxillary procedures; vascular procedures; and ventricular shunts procedures. Surgical technique fundamentals and basic variants, including surgical anatomy and landmarks, are highlighted in 500 figures and illustrations.


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