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: Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery
: James F. Thornton, Jourdan A. Carboy
: 2018
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The growing worldwide incidence of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers has driven the development of effective treatment methodologies. Mohs is the gold standard surgical treatment for excision of skin cancers on the head and neck. While Mohs surgery has a 99% effectiveness rate for new cancers and 95% for recurrences, more than 90% of reconstructed patients desire some improvement in their operative scars.
Facial Reconstruction after Mohs Surgery by James Thornton and Jourdan Carboy summarizes 15 years and 12,000 cases in a surgical practice devoted to post-Mohs facial reconstruction. Step-by-step guidance is provided on efficacious, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally complete repairs, respective of a patient's age, anesthesia considerations, and available resources. In addition to succinct chapters on lip, ear, cheek, scalp, and nasal reconstruction, subspecialty chapters cover anesthesia, Mohs surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and microvascular reconstruction. Throughout the text, complete and concise clinical algorithms serve as a framework to help simplify difficult clinical concepts.


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