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The complete book of Family Homeopathic Medicine
: The complete book of Family Homeopathic Medicine
: M. B. Panos, M. D. Jane Heimlich
: New Delhi*Bombay: A Division of Vision Books Pvt Ltd
: 1983
: pdf
: 183
: 12.5 Mb

The benefits od homeopathy are being widely recognised the world over. A thoroughly proven scientific system of medecine, homeopathy uses drugs that are easy to prescribe and use, non-toxic, non-habitforming, without any adverse effects, and available at low praces. This book is a comprehensive and a practical guide to self-help homeopathy. The presentation and style is a major plus points of the book, which easily makes it one of the best on the subject. Clear-cut charts and instructions give readers the information they need to choose and use 28 basic remedies, plus dozens of more specialised ones. There are instructions for dosege and frequency of medication as well as proven first aid procedures to supplement the treatment. An essential and practical home-reference book for the family.


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