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Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures, 3rd Edition
: Terri D. Fisher, Clive M. Davis, William L. Yarber, Sandra L. Davis
: Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures, 3rd Edition
: Routledge
: 2010
ISBN: 978-0415801751
: English
: pdf
: 11,3 mb
: 680

This classic and invaluable reference Handbook, written for sex researchers and their students, has now been completely revised in a new edition complete with its own companion website. It remains the only easy and efficient way for researchers to learn about, evaluate, and compare instruments that have previously been used in sex research.

In this third edition of the Handbook, 218 scales, complete with full descriptions and psychometric data, are made available, with additional information provided at the companion website for this volume.

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