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The New Art of Massage: The New Art of Massage
: Guillermo Ferrara
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2015
: 19,9
: / English

In The New Art of Massage, renowned practitioner of massage therapy Guillermo Ferrara explains the art of the holistic massage in easy-to-follow steps. Follow his guidance as he presents the theory of each approach and then the successful practice for each one. More than three hundred color photographs and seventy color illustrations provide step-by-step instructions and explanations on four massage techniques: tantric, sensitive, reflexology, and Zen-shiatsu.

By explaining the principles behind each holistic massage, Ferrara demonstrates the importance of touch in both empowering the spirit and relaxing the body. Whether you are an experienced massage therapist or a beginner seeking to help a loved one unwind, The New Art of Massage will undoubtedly be a rich source of inspiration and wisdom.

Massage therapy is the bringing together of body and soul, a transformative journey from a state of personal tension to one of complete relaxation. Guillermo Ferrara

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