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Basic Science of Oncology, 5th Edition
: Ian Tannock, Richard Hill, Robert Bristow, Lea Harrington
: Basic Science of Oncology, 5th Edition
: McGraw-Hill International Editions
: 2013
ISBN: 978-0071745208
: English
: pdf
: 15,4 mb
: 592

Discover the science of cancer with this newly revised, essential introduction to cancer biology and genetics

Here in one well-organized, reader-friendly volume, you'll find everything you must know about the biology underlying cancer and its treatment, supported by the latest peer-reviewed research. Written by preeminent oncology researchers and clinicians, the book highlights the full range of important oncology topics and takes you through the biological basis of current and future biological therapy as well as more traditional approaches to cancer treatment.

Presented in full color, the Fifth Edition of The Basic Science of Oncology is thoroughly updated and refreshed to reflect the latest critical thinking in oncology. For graduate students, oncologists, residents, and fellows, there can be no more useful guide to the bedrock science and practice of oncology than this all-in-one reference.


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