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: Asif Muneer, Manit Arya, Simon Horenblas
: Textbook of Penile Cancer
: Springer
: 2012
ISBN: 978-1848828780
: English
: pdf
: 13,7 mb
: 330

The surgical management of penile cancer is shifting towards increasingly refined methods, as it is believed that a proportion of patients undergo overtreatment for the disease. Where traditionally the management of penile cancer has involved partial or total penectomy combined with radical inguinal lymphadenectomy, over the last few years the treatment involves conservative penile reconstructive surgery such that sexual function and phallic length is preserved. Furthermore, the increasing utilization of sentinel lymph node biopsy rather than radical inguinal lymphadenectomy prevents the unnecessary removal of lymph nodes in patients where lymph node metastases has not occurred. There is also likely to be a change in the role of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for advanced disease.

Textbook of Penile Cancer covers the epidemiology, molecular biology, radiological imaging, as well as the latest surgical advances in the treatment of this disease. This book is a valuable reference tool for Urological Surgeons, Genitourinary Physicians, Trainee Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Oncologists, Dermatologists and Sexual Health Physicians.

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