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: Cook, N
: Viruses in Food and Water: Risks, Surveillance and Control
: Woodhead Publishing
: 2013
ISBN: 978-0857094308
: Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition
: English
: pdf
: 10 mb
: 560
Viruses can be highly infectious and are capable of causing widespread disease outbreaks. The significance of viral pathogens in food and waterborne illness is increasingly being recognised and viruses transferred by these routes are important areas of research. Viruses in food and water reviews the risks, surveillance and control of food and waterborne viral disease.

Part one provides an introduction to food and environmental virology. Part two goes on to explore methods of detection, surveillance and risk assessment of viruses in food and water; it includes chapters on molecular detection of viruses in foods and food processing environments, quality control in the analytical laboratory, and quantitative risk assessment for food and waterborne viruses. Part three focuses on virus transmission routes and control of food and water contamination. It contains chapters on fresh produce, shellfish and viral presence, and control methods in waste water and sewage. Finally, part four highlights particular pathogens including norovirus, hepatitis A and emerging zoonotic viruses.

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