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: David W. Osborne, Anton H. Amann
: Topical Drug Delivery Formulations
: CRC Press
: 1989
ISBN: 978-0824781835
: Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences (Book 42)
: English
: pdf
: 35,2 mb
: 448

In the past the ability to formulate topical creams and ointments has been described as both "art" and "magic." The demanding expectations of topicals include (1) formulations that have both chemical and physical stability for at least two years, (2) formulations that have components both alone and in combination that are nonirritating, nonsensitizing, and non-allergenic, (3) formulations that are at least cosmetically acceptable and preferably cosmetically elegant, and (4) formulations that are efficacious because of their ability to release and/or deliver therapeutic levels of a drug. Note that these expectations are for an in herently multiple-phase system (usually an emulsion or suspension) that contains components having a wide range of polarities and physical properties.

With such demanding expectations, it is of little surprise that most scientists, when challenged with the assignment of formulating a new topical drug, select a traditional formulation taken from one of the many formulatories available.

By combining the latest insights with established principles, this book will be a useful tool in formulating the next generation of highly effective nontraditional topical drug delivery formulations.

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