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Pharmaceutical Enzymes
: Albert Lauwers; Simon Scharpe
: Pharmaceutical Enzymes
: CRC Press
: 1997
ISBN: 0-8247-9375-7
: Drugs and the pharmaceutical sciences (Book 84)
: English
: pdf
: 15,8 mb
: 401

Molecular and biochemical data concerning pharmaceutical enzymes are presented together with robust methods of measurement and evaluation, and when relevant information is known, emphasis is placed on pharmacology and clinical impact. Special attention is given to practical, often previously unpublished background information and material not readily found in standard textbooks and other reference works.

This book consists of 15 chapters and is divided into four major sections. Part One addresses the actual knowledge of bioavailability of pharmaceutical enzymes. Part Two presents the spectrum of different chemical approaches for tailoring enzymes to improve therapeutic effectiveness. It features a stepwise and practical guide to molecular modeling of important pharmaceutical targets, including flowcharts, examples, and references to further sources of information in databases and the literature.

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