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Fra Angelico
: Fra Angelico
(): Anneke de Vries, Carl Brandon Strehlke, Laurence B. Kanter, Magnolia Scudieri, Pia Palladino, Victor Michael Schmidt
: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
: 2005
ISBN: 978-0300111408
: 350
: English
: 144 MB

In commemoration of the five hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the death of Fra Angelico (about 13951455), one of the foremost artists of the Italian Renaissance, The Metropolitan Museum of Art set out to reexamine his career and to establish a more historically accurate profile of the innovative, extraordinarily gifted "angelic friar," in order to dispel the myths and legends that have eclipsed the details of his life. New documentary research and standards for attributions, developed over the last three decades, provided the impetus for this reappraisalonly the second major exhibition of Fra Angelico's art ever held, and the first since 1955. Comprising about seventy-five paintings, drawings, and manuscript illuminations ascribed to Angelico and spanning the period from 1410 to 1455, as well as about forty works by his collaborators, this presentation includes several newly discovered paintings and a number of new proposals for reconstructions of important, dispersed altarpieces. Additionally, drawings by the master are analyzed in terms of their original function and in the context of discussion of the artist's workshop, its identifiable members, and their respective contribution to its artistic output.


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