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Dosso Dossi: Court Painter in Renaissance Ferrara
: Dosso Dossi: Court Painter in Renaissance Ferrara
(): Peter Humfrey; Mauro Lucco
: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
: 1998
ISBN: 0-87099-875-7
: 330
: English
: 55 MB

Imagination, sensual delight, a sharp witthese qualities were enormously prized in sixteenth-century Ferrara, where one of the most cultured and powerful courts of the High Renaissance held sway. Dosso Dossi was the idiosyncratic, brilliant painter most responsible for turning those values into a glorious artistic reality. Dosso's rich color schemes are akin to those of his fellow North Italian Titian; he learned something about innovative composition from Raphael and about the force of the body from Michelangelo. But his paintings have a very individual appeal. In leafy natural surroundings containing an array of animals and heavenly bodies, events unfold that are often enigmatic, enacted by characters whose interrelationships elude definition. Dosso's painted world shares the spirit of contemporaneous epic poetrysuch as Ariosto's Orlando Furiosoimbued as it is with mystery and transformation, energy and invention.


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