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Learning Path Construction in e-Learning: Learning Path Construction in e-Learning
: Fan Yang and Zhenghong Dong
: Springer
: 2016
: 6,1
: / English

This book focuses on developing methods for constructing learning paths in terms of learning resources (learning contents), learning approaches (learning method), and learning quality (learning performance) to support learning. This book defines different teaching approaches for learning activities and organizes them into a learning path which indicates the learning sequence. This book introduces how to automatically generate well-structured learning resources for different students.

Also, this book introduces a method about how to generate adaptive learning approach to learn learning resources for different students. Finally, this book introduces a method to monitor and control learning quality. The adaptive learning path expresses well-structured learning contents, using which approach to access those learning contents, and in which sequence to carry out the learning process. The learning path comes with a monitoring tool to control the learning progress, which helps to make students having a balanced development on different knowledge and abilities.

Researchers who worked in E-learning area, both education and computer sciences people.Educators who worked in educational institutes, such as Universities, Schools, etc. They would like to use or study E-learning tools/technologies/methods in their own work.And technicians who run/design educational websites will understand the appeal of this work.


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