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Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management
: Barbara Friedberg
: Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management
: Greenwood
: 2015
ISBN: 978-1440830310
: English
: pdf
: 15 mb
: 403

Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Moneys Management is written to equip today's high school and college students with fundamental money principles along with a foundation for wise financial decision making. Without personal finance and money management knowledge, individuals have difficulty gaining long-term financial stability, specifically money for important life goals such as buying a home, funding a childs college expenses, and retirement.

This encyclopedia is an important resource to facilitate the individuals grasp of the basic economic and financial concepts necessary for successful adult money management. Not only will students find this a useful reference, but librarians, researchers, journalists, and educators will profit from this complete personal finance and money management resource. Combining the most important money management and personal finance topics in one easy-to-use reference furnishes the user with a one-stop source for financial information. The reader doesn't need to limit through reams of online sites for essential financial terms, descriptions, explanations of personal finance concepts, people, and ideas. This encyclopedia addresses all of the important personal finance and money management topics.


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