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: Elizabeth and Michael: The Queen of Hollywood and the King of Pop-A Love Story
: Donald Bogle
: Atria Books
: 2016
: 33,5
: / English

One of the countrys leading authorities on popular entertainment presents an eye-opening and unique biography of two larger-than-life legendsElizabeth Taylor and Michael Jacksonand their unlikely yet enduring friendship.

From the moment Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson met, they were hooked on each other. He peered into her violet eyes and was transfixed; she, in turn, was dazzled by his talent, intrigued by his sweet-tempered childlike personality, and moved by the stories she had already heard about his troubled early life. Soon a deep friendship blossomed, unexpectedly unlike anything either had ever experienced.

Through thick and thin, through their various emotional upheavals, through the peaks and valleys of their careers, through their personal traumas and heartaches, through the unending health issues and extreme physical pain that each experienced, and through the glare of the often merciless public spotlight, their bond held them together, and their love for each other endured.


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