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: Donald Monkhouse and Charles F. Carney
: Drug Products for Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition
: CRC Press
: 2006
ISBN: 978-0824754624
: Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences (Book 147)
: English
: pdf
: 16,5 mb
: 399

Within this evolving landscape of the industry, the Clinical Trial Materials Professional (CTMP) must still operate effectively and efficiently to plan for, procure, prepare, control, and deliver drug products in support of medical research. Each CTMP must deal with the changeswhether regulatory, organizational, scientific, technical, or emotionalin real time while maintaining the ever-increasing quality level of performance that is the hallmark of such professionals.

This account provides some contemporary chapters and reports that will address some of the current points of interest in the broad clinical supplies universe for those who are providing clinical trial materials. Not every chapter will be of interest or application to every CTMP at this point in his/her career. However, every chapter will be of interest or application to every CTMP at some point in time.


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